MDIA's Directions


MDIA's Vision

  • To play an important role to assist and upgrade the oral and health standard in Malaysia
  • Dedicated and committed to deliver better and innovative dental device that benefit dental practitioners and patients
  • Optimizing our services, professionalism and unity to deliver high standard value and growth to the dental supply chain industry in Malaysia.

MDIA's Mission

  • Aims to ensure the benefits of modern, innovative technology and reliable dental material & device are delivered effectively to provide and improve better oral health outcomes to the Malaysian community at




6 Objectives

(1) To unite all members of dental dealers in a common endeavor to develop dental device industries in Malaysia for the benefit of business interest of members and thereafter maintain the best relations among the members of the association.

(2) To uphold the benefits and rights of the members in terms of industrial & business relations, social economy and legal matters.

(3) Co-ordinate the activities of all members and resolve in writing any dispute and misunderstanding that may arise between the members.

(4) Represent, communicate and collaborate and act as a medium of communication with the relevant Ministries and various dental associations on all matters affecting the industrial relations generally or interest of the association members.

(5) Organizes conferences and exhibitions related to the business and dental industry activities and obtain the approval of CPD points from the Ministry of health (Dental) for the lecture programs and hands-on workshop if necessary.

(6) Provide voluntary activities, charitable work and community welfare.